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How to hide chat in whatsapp | hide whatsapp message


How to hide chat on whatsapp 

According to a recent study, WhatsApp has maxum 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide. It is the most widely used online chat platform and it has multiple functions. Each entity is committed to improving its products or services to survive in the digital age. Although "Hide chat on WhatsApp" is not a new feature, many other updates have been made. As for hiding chats on WhatsApp, this is the duck soup method. The process begins almost as if you deleted a message on WhatsApp. Let's get acquainted with the detailed process of hiding the chat on WhatsApp. 

How to hide the chat on WhatsApp? 

Method 1. 
Archive WhatsApp chats to hide conversations 

This is the default method to hide WhatsApp messages. Archiving the chat will hide it from the chat screen and you can access it later. You can also do this to better organize individual or group chats. Archive chats on Android If you don't want to read chat messages, you need to do the following:

1. To select the chat you want to archive, press and hold it in the chat interface. 

2. Now, click on the file icon displayed on the top bar. 

You have now successfully archived the chat and hidden it in the chat interface.  

To archive a chat in Android Work:

1. Click at the bottom of the chat interface and then select Archived Chat at the bottom.

2. Now select and click on the chat you want to restore from the archive.

3. Find "Restore from file" on the top bar and click on it. 

Now you can find a specific chat in the chat interface. 

The chat archive function does not delete any conversations or create a backup of the SD card. 

To archive all Android chats: 

1. Go to "Settings" by clicking the menu button on the main chat interface. 

2. Select the chat, then click on the chat history and then select Archive all chats. 

Note: When you send a new message via chat, you will be able to see the 
           archived chat. 

To Archive Message on iphone whatsapp 

The same method can be used to hide WhatsApp chats on iPhone. Follow the steps below.
The process of archiving chats on iPhone and hiding WhatsApp messages on iPhone is simple. 

Here's what you need to do: 

1. open the chat screen and clean the chat you want to archive with your finger. 

2. Move it from right to left and now select "Archive".

You can also archive all chat history on iPhone at the same time. 

1. Go to WhatsApp settings and select "Chat". 
2. Then click Archive all chats.  

View archived chats on iPhone 

1. Go to the "Chat" tab and then to the top. Then expand the screen. 

2. Select archived chat. 

Archive chat history on iPhone When a new message appears in the conversation, you can view the archived chat history. You can also access the archived chat interface by searching for the contact name or personal message to remove the chat from the archive. 

1. Select a chat, then swipe from right to left. 

2. Now choose restore. You can also try the following: 

1. Visit the search bar at the top of the "Chat" tab.

 2. Enter the name of the chat or part of the chat message that you want to restore from the archive. 

2. Swipe your finger across the chat from right to left and select "Resume". 

Note: During archiving, your messages will not be deleted or backed up to           
           iCloud. Only iOS 7 and later versions support the file.

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