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How to monetize a new website

 Having a new website is a great feeling, but it’s even better if your new site can make you some money to cover your expenses. Being new means having fewer options, but here are some ways that can gain you a few cents or dollars instantly.

If you ever Googled the term “making money online” then you have already found countless number of success stories and great promises. “You can do it to, making $40.000 a month is easy, anyone can do it.” Well, I have my doubts. I mean, it surely is possible, but when your site is new your possibilities are limited.

We have collected the best options how you can start making money from almost day one. We will ignore ideas like “publish a book” or “host webinars” and only focus on the simplest and most effective options that you have in the beginning.

Supposing that you already have added some great articles and posts, made a decent design and have a handful of visitors at your site, here are the options you have to start making money before the end of the month.

1, Google Adsense

It’s the best and easiest way to start monetizing your site. There are some requirements of course that your site has to meet, but you have really good chances to get your site approved for this program. Read our article to see what needs to be fixed and then go for it.

How much can you make with Google Adsense? It depends on the number of visitors you have and also the topics you cover on your website, numbers may hugely vary, but even with a handful of visitors you can at least cover the expenses of your blog (domain and hosting plan) in a year.

And once you reach a few hundred visitors per day you can start making some decent money. It still won’t change your life, but it’s always a good feeling having this kind of “free” money. If your website is even remotely successful you will see a couple of dollars floating in every single day and it’s a good feeling waking up in the morning knowing that you have made some money while you were sleeping.


2, Advertise your hosting company

If you have a website you also have a hosting plan and a company behind it. Most, if not all hosting companies have affiliate programs that you can join. What does it mean? After signing up they will provide you banners that you can place on your site. Every time someone clicks this banner on your site and makes a purchase you will earn some money.

As you are already in partnership with your hosting company (they know your name, address, phone number and credit card details), it’s usually an easy and straightforward process to join their affiliate program.

How much money can you make this way? Actually quite a lot. Most hosting plans cost about $50-$150 a year and you can have up to 30-50% of this amount if someone purchases a plan through your link. So 2-3 people a year can cover your whole year’s expenses regarding your website.

Of course buying a hosting plan is not like buying a beer or t-shirt, most people will do it only once in their lives and will not necessarily use your link to do it, but the chance is there, so why not place that banner somewhere in your sidebar and hope for the best!


3, Find other affiliates

Just like advertising your hosting company, you can advertise a lot of other companies and products as well. Affiliate programs are very popular these days. Companies are fighting hard to get new customers and will be happy to give you a little share if you can drive some traffic to their website.

If you know any products or companies that are related to your niche just make a search to see if they have an affiliate program. Or you can sign up to below sites which are created for linking together affiliate marketers and companies:

Becoming an affiliate to any company can be very easy or very hard. Some will say you need at least 100.000 visitors per month even to apply, others will have no criteria at all. But you can find hundreds of products and companies where even a small website will be eligible.

How much money can you make with affiliate sales? Commissions vary, but most of the time you get a decent share of the price if you can refer a paying customer. However, as you will see, very few people will click your banners and even fewer people will ever buy something, so you will need patience and luck if your site doesn’t have many visitors yet.


4, Amazon Affiliate

It’s also an affiliate, but I have separated it for two reasons.

First, because Amazon is the biggest online market in the world where everyone is shopping once in a while. People trust it, know it and use it. Everyone knows Amazon and almost everyone has already purchased something from Amazon, so people do spend a lot of money there.

Second, because getting into the Amazon affiliate program is relatively easy. You have to apply by filling a couple of forms, but if you have a decent looking website you will be good to go. They will approve you within a couple of days and from then you can literally advertise any product in the world! Do you have a health site, a tech site, or a website about cooking or gardening tips? You will find related products at Amazon that you will only have to link and there is a high chance that people will eventually click your link and buy the product.

How much can you make through Amazon Affiliate? It depends on a lot of factors (whether you advertise books or LCD televisions for example), but Amazon commissions are typically very low, meaning that you can get only a few percents of the product’s price that you advertise.

Of course, Amazon knows that they are the biggest and they could probably sell stuff anyway, so they won’t overpay you for delivering customers. But still, a couple of sales per month can give you some decent money.


5, Joining Affiliate Communities

If you would like to take marketing seriously and make not only a few dollars, but a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month then you will have to learn a lot. The golden days are gone when people got rich on any better than average idea, nowadays many many people are chasing online wealth and trying to exploit online opportunities to get rich and quit their jobs.

To educate these people many companies were formed that offer online courses, webinars, guides and tutorials that help an average person gain deep understanding and knowledge about online marketing. Of course, don’t be mistaken, they won’t do it out of charity, there is a price tag on everything. Most of these companies have free trainings and materials, but their best resources come at a fee.

But if you truly want to become successful and succeed as an online enterpreneur you will have to learn a lot. And you only have two choices here. Either you try to google all the information and sort it out all by yourself (and believe me there are tons of outdated articles and horrible advices on the web), or you pay for a professional program that guides you (sometimes almost baby steps you) through the process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

We don’t know all of these companies, but the biggest one is Wealthy Affiliate. You can register free, only your e-mail address is needed and they have a free beginner program that you can take, also give you access to some of the starter materials that they have put together. Then, of course, you can become a premium member for a monthly fee if you like, it’s up to you.

One more advantage is that they have a huge community of online enterpreneurs and you can see their posts and comments even if you don’t become a premium member. So I do recommend you sign up even if you don’t want to spend any money on their advanced programs. You can learn a lot from their premium members, too.


What else?

As a new website with low visitor numbers you don’t have endless options, but as you see you still have many ways of starting to make money. I believe it’s good to have some kind of monetization to have at least your hosting plan covered and I believe it can be achieved by almost anyone who has put some work and effort into it.

Do you have less than 100 visitors a day? Sure you can make a few cents here and there that will add up by the end of the month.

Are you getting close to 1000 visitors a day? Then you would be crazy not to place at least some ads somewhere. It’s free money, you just have to reach out for it.

Do you have 10.000 visitors a day? Then you probably already have a monetization plan, but if not, start thinking about it immediately, because why on Earth would you have a regular job, if you could make a living out of your passion?!

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